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PASS Clinical® Genetic is a fully integrated management information system for clinical genetic centers. It supports laboratory employees, genetic consultants and researchers for their work. Unique is the combination of the following functions: pedigree drawing, registration of patient data and workflow management. This allows your healthcare pathways to be managed effectively. PASS Clinical® Genetic has proven to be a particularly powerful tool in large scale national genetic screening projects, for example with Familial Hypercholesterolemia.

The following functions are offered:

Automatic drawing family trees:

PASS Software has developed an algorithm that automatically builds a family tree. Drawing pedigrees becomes just a matter of seconds. Of course, adjustments can be made manually for your specific requirements. PASS Clinical® Genetic meets all international conventions concerning drawing of pedigrees.

Flexible data entry screens:

We can customize the data entry screens with your patient data, research data and information of your sub-administration. Your current databases can be converted to the new system as well, including your family trees (the Cyrillic pedigrees), so you can reuse all of your collected data.

Workflow Management:

Using workflow management, your pathways are managed more effectively. All activities will get connected to a timetable and who is performing a certain task. Workflow management will show an overview of the workload and the bottlenecks of every research. All users have access to a user-friendly interface which offers a complete overview of all their tasks and the tasks of others in the workflow. Taskmanagement has never been this easy.

Document management:

All standard documents can be generated automatically, using all relevant data from the database. For each workflow step, the system will show all associated documents. Every patient related document can be digitized and archived and you can easily add written documents.

Calendar function:

PASS Clinical® Genetic offers a complete integrated calendar function. This means, all relevant patient data shows when you make an appointment with this patient. With the multiple- user interfaces, the agendas of all the users are simultaneously available.


Using the reporting tool, you have quick and easy acces to all data in the PASS Clinical® Vascular database. This reported retained data is very valuable for use in standard management reports as reports for scientific research. Also, the reporting tool supports the export to external applications like SPSS, Excel, MS Access or FileMaker Pro.

Standard customization:

PASS Clinical® Genetic is available in multiple languages and can be implemented in accordance with your wishes. This means customized for your type of research, with the required data entry fields, workflow, documents, reports and external connections.

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