Future-proof software

Software as a Service: PASS LIMS software solutions are platform-independent, web-based systems. Instead of being installed on your PC, the software is accessible for the whole team in the web, via any web browser.

Interfaces with other systems

PASS LIMS implements all required interfaces:

Overview: System and Modules

Specializations for your field of application

You can:

Besides PASS LIMS for human genetics, we offer specific solutions for molecular oncology, pathology, biobanks and other medical fields.

Support for your everyday work

With PASS LIMS, you can use all modern and new methods in your day-to-day work.


PASS LIMS automates most of you everyday procedures so that you can work more comfortable, efficient and reliable.

Practical suitability

When a patient asks for a consultation, all information for this person or the whole family are available at a glance. This enables you to answer questions efficiently, without any physical medical record.

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