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We like to help you? Our Functional Consultants, SAP (ISH-MED) Developers en Technical Consultants are looking forward to discover with you to obtain added value for your business with adoption of the right technology. Together we look for solutions to achieve the business goals as organisation and excellent usability for your people.

SAP (ISH-MED) Functional Consultancy

What are the proper SAP (ISH-MED) solutions that actually help achieve the objectives of the organisation? And which functionalities help employees do their work properly? Explore the options with our SAP (ISH-MED) consultants. What course do you want to take with ICT in your organisation? What are the objectives and what does that mean for SAP (ISH-MED) integration? These are the questions which our consultants will work with you to find answers for. Our SAP (ISH-MED) consultants act as sparring partners for your organisation. Together with you, they explore how your organisation can benefit most from SAP (ISH-MED) technology.

SAP (ISH-MED) Technology

Which migration strategies can you consider if you want to migrate to HANA? And how do you ensure that the SAP (ISH-MED) landscape will be implemented and receive regular updates? Our SAP (ISH-MED) Basic Consultants are specialists in this technology. SAP (ISH-MED) technology requires specialised knowledge. That’s why we are delighted to deploy our SAP (ISH-MED) Basic Consultants to help your organisation in implementing and upgrading your SAP (ISH-MED) landscapes. They apply new technologies such as HANA, Mobility, Fiori, Single Sign On, and Cloud Services. In addition, they provide advice on which migration strategies to follow if the organisation decides to migrate to HANA. What can you ask PASS to do? Options include integration of systems in hybrid, on-premise and cloud solutions. This is a very labour-intensive process, especially within complex IT landscapes, so such extensive integration therefore requires the proper architecture. In addition to the usual PI/PO integration, we also use SAP (ISH-MED)-certified Boomi integration software for the integration of SAP (ISH-MED) (cloud) applications. Boomi AtomSphere® enables SAP (ISH-MED) users to link different Cloud applications through the central platform by using connectors.


Who is it actually all about? Your client. Your client wants you to deliver the best service and products, and that is why you want your employees to understand the SAP (ISH-MED) applications and be comfortable working with them. That’s why you should personalise and simplify the user experience (UX) for all of your SAP (ISH-MED) applications, by using modern UX design techniques. SAP Fiori provides a role-based user experience for all types of business, activities and devices. Use SAP Fiori apps or gain the benefits of the new solutions integrated in the UX. Including SAP S/4HANA, Ariba Mobile, and SAP (ISH-MED) Cloud for Customer. To ensure successful SAP Fiori implementation, we will do a quick scan for you. Then we set up a roadmap:

Do people in your organisation also have questions about SAP Fiori? Are you curious to see how SAP Fiori can support the business processes in your organisation? Do you wonder what implementation actually entails and whether it is suitable for your organisation and SAP (ISH-MED) landscape? Would you like to know how security is set up? Questions that might be worth considering, especially in relation to your business objectives, your employees and your end-client. You want to be sure that the technology is in service to your people. The focus in each SAP (ISH-MED) product or SAP (ISH-MED) solution is therefore on three essential elements: people, technology and business. The user is the focal point.


PASS audits provide you with the status of SAP (ISH-MED) projects and organization and an independent assessment with the right measures for success. PASS advizors have more than hundred years of experience with SAP (ISH-MED) implementations and SAP (ISH-MED) support organizations.

PASS offers several audits:

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Our SAP (ISH-MED) consultants focus on the SAP (ISH-MED) solutions and other ICT products from the outset. Would you like more insight into the quality of the project ICT products, SAP (ISH-MED) services or organisation changes? Our SAP (ISH-MED) consultants can help your organisation.

“Feeling heard and helped is essential”
We enjoy advising smaller companies that need additional ICT capacity. We guide the client through the process of arriving at the right business solutions together. It’s important for people to feel heard and helped, even if they have a smaller budget.


MDM consultants have knowledge and experience with:

PASS MDM consultants are able to support your organization on data strategy, data architecture and governance. SAP MDM consultants have the required skills and competences for functional support of your organization and to register the data and the corresponding relationships unambiguous and consistent with other business applications and information exchange with suppliers and customers. SAP MDM technical consultants have the required skills and competences to use the right juiste data management tooling and applying the right data management processes for improvement of the master data, the relationships and the information exchange. Subsequently, the SAP MDM professionals can take care of the implementation and the operation of the central master data management organization.

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