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We are driven by the ambition to help healthcare providers be more efficient and effective in order to spend as much time giving care. Building software solutions supporting healthcare providers in their daily routine and services optimizing implementation and maintenance of your IT-landscape is how we realize our ambition.

At PASS, we all come to work every day because we want you to be able to provide the best care for your clients . We want you to make a difference!. Throughout the history of healthcare, providers use data to support their professionals in medical decision making. Our mission at PASS is to make healthcare software more transparent. Transparent means easy to use, highly accessible, no error margin and flexible.

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NHS Wales / the Wales Gene Park
Evaluation Report

The system was successfully customised to meet local needs by adapting the workflow, the dataset and the pedigree drawing modules.

Heart Foundation, UK.
Report: What’s a Family worth?

The PASS Clinical software includes useful features, including a pedigree drawing function; workflow management; template letters and archive function; the ability to coordinate family testing at a national level, by several different co-workers in different locations; and an audit and research tool.

NHS Wales / the Wales Gene Park
Evaluation Report

The security and confidentiality aspects are well designed and suitable for use in NHS Wales.



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